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Our Journey​​

Discover the origins of Climate Guardians and meet the visionaries behind the mission


From a Spark to a Movement

In the heart of Berlin, under the spring sun of 2023, two kindred spirits, Martin and Guy, ignited a conversation that would lead to the creation of Climate Guardians.

Their vision: a world where collective climate action is not just necessary but irresistible. Join us on our journey from a simple lunch to a global mission, empowering voices for a thriving planet

Real Change, Real Impact

Our commitment to sparking significant action began with influencing a local café to embrace the coffee of tomorrow, showcasing the power of collective voices. This victory is just the start. With every campaign, we aim to transform concern into tangible action for our planet.

The Founders

Meet Martin & Guy

Get to know the heart and soul of Climate Guardians. From Guy’s childhood dedication to conservation to Martin’s realization that 'winning slowly is losing' in the fight against climate change, their stories inspire our mission

Together, We Are Climate Guardians

Our mission is powered by the passion and dedication of volunteers, partners, and community members who have joined us in co-creation workshops and campaigns. This shout-out is for everyone who has contributed their time, energy, and belief in our cause.

Martin Valkov

Co Founder

A Catalyst for Action

Martin’s path from fintech to front-line climate action illustrates the urgency of our mission. Inspired by systems thinking and the power of collective effort, he’s dedicated to creating solutions that harness the unstoppable force of people united for the planet.

Guy Sephton

Co Founder

Illuminating Change

From turning off lights as a child to spearheading global initiatives, Guy’s journey is a testament to the impact one individual can have on the world. His work spans continents and sectors, driven by a belief in the power of community and action.

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