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On Earth Quickly

Discover and take 5-minute actions that can save more emissions than skipping a flight

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Hear From Our Community

Discover the stories of users and partners who've joined us in the movement towards a more sustainable future. Their experiences highlight the power of collective action and the real-world impact of our platform.

Rosie Howell

When I found out about Climate Guardians, it was really nice to feel like I could make a difference as a person – and that getting the ball rolling on positive change could be a ten-minute thing. Rather than a 5 year slog!

Jasmin Scharrer

This made me realise that when I used my voice, people listen

Annamaria Beno

When I experienced what these guys are doing, I thought, 'I want my colleagues to see this!

Nathanael Boy

I find this amazing. Only a few minutes to take part is something potentially big. On the individual level it’s not much effort. Collectively it could make a difference.

Discover & Appeal

Identify impactful campaigns and send personalized appeals in minutes.

Measure Impact

Monitor your direct contributions and their ripple effects.

Stay Informed

Receive updates on your campaigns' progress.


Take Action Today

Explore immediate actions you can take to make a difference. Each of these campaigns offers a straightforward way to contribute to meaningful change. Choose one to get started now.

Coffee-Free Coffee

Promote the adoption of sustainable, coffee-like alternatives. Help reduce the environmental impact of coffee production.

Make Plant-Based Affordable

Advocate for affordable plant-based options. Elevate your voice to boost healthier, sustainable food choices accessible to all.

Banks: Divest of Fossil Fuels

Urge banks to end fossil fuel funding. Your action pushes for investments in cleaner, greener, sustainable strategies.

Better Bike Lanes

Support bike lane development for safer, wider community access, encouraging eco-friendly travel for all.

Carbon Labelling

Promote transparency by advocating for carbon labeling on products. Help consumers make informed, eco-conscious decisions.