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Ask Your Supermarket to Introduce the Eco-Score (Letter)

Here's the Idea: Sustainable Food Should Be Easy

Ever walked through the supermarket aisle and wondered which food is more sustainable? 


Let's make it easier for everyone to take the planet-friendlier option. Fill in the form below to ask your supermarket for an Eco-Score on its product packaging. 

  • Who are decision makers?
    Decision-makers we address can have a number of positions. For example: politicians business leaders journalists influencers
  • What is a hyper-personalised appeal?
    A hyper-personalised appeal can take many forms. For example: letters emails direct messages on social media comments on news articles Hyper-personalised appeals belong to you, and are based on your motivations and previous climate action. In this way, they are not anonymous but personal, from one human to another.
  • What is meant by collective action?
    Collective action is how we move beyond feeling like powerless individuals. We harness our personal voices together in a coordinated way, so that decision makers hear that our wishes our felt by many. By joining together, our voices become stronger.
  • What kind of impact can I have?
    We curate actions that don't just create a change in your life, but in the lives of many people. We estimate that each hyper-personalised appeal you send can save as much greenhouse-gas emissions as up to 300 flights from London to Los Angeles.
  • What happens after I send my hyper-personalised appeal?
    Sending your appeal is an important step, and we will celebrate it in our community! Part of achieving big impact is also co-ordination and persistence. For each action you take, we have a roadmap supporting you to: follow up escalate multiply by sharing with others. Not all campaigns will be successful. But if one in every 10 campaigns is successful, we believe that together, we can achieve our mission of avoiding 1% of total German greenhouse-gas emissions within the next two years.

Why This Action is So Important

How It Works

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Actions in Our Beta

Local Actions


Cafe: Plant Drink Price Parity


Meet Up to Take Action

Ask your local cafe to level the playing field

# Neighborhood

Join climate guardians in your area to take actions together. 


Big Impact Actions


Meet Up to Take Action

Ask you bank to invest wisely for a flourishing future


Supermarket: Eco-Score

Ask your supermarket for climate-friendly labels


Extraordinary Actions


Politicians: Clean Up 


Celebrities: Wake Up for the Planet

Send compostable diapers to politicians with children, asking them to take care of future generations.

# QuickAction

Send pyjamas to a celebrity, ask them to wake up for the climate


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